Modified Radical Mastectomy(Breast Cancer) Treatment in India

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A modified radical mastectomy or MRM is carried out when a person suffers from Breast Cancer. This procedure involves the removal of the entire breast tissue including the skin, areola, nipple, and most axillary lymph nodes. However the pectoralis major muscle is not removed.

The primary method of treatment of breast cancer historically has been the  modified radical mastectomy.   Over time, breast conservation became more widely used as the treatment of breast cancer evolved. However even today, mastectomy still remains a viable option for women with breast cancer.

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  • Oncology, ChemotherapyModified Radical Mastectomy(Breast Cancer) ,MBBS,MD,DNB,MNAMS,18 Years
  • Oncology, ChemotherapyModified Radical Mastectomy(Breast Cancer)Surgical Oncology Additional Director, MBBS, MS, MCh, 22 years of experience
  • Oncology, ChemotherapyModified Radical Mastectomy(Breast Cancer)PET CT ScanProstate CancerRobotic Urology HOD, DM, MD, MBBS, 23 years of experience
  • Oncology, Modified Radical Mastectomy(Breast Cancer)Prostate CancerSurgical Oncology Director, MBBS, MD, 32 years of experience
  • Hematology, ChemotherapyModified Radical Mastectomy(Breast Cancer)PET CT ScanProstate CancerSurgical Oncology Senior Consultant, MBBS, MD, 23 years of experience
  • General SurgeryOncology, ChemotherapyModified Radical Mastectomy(Breast Cancer)Prostate Cancer Head of Department, MS, MBBS, MCh, 25 years of experience

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