Lap Cholecystectomy Treatment in India

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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, commonly referred to as a lap chole, involves the removal of the gallbladder through a laparoscopic approach. The gallbladder normally stores bile produced in the liver until it is needed for digestion. Unfortunately, the gallbladder often forms gallstones.

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Many patients have gallstones which do not cause symptoms and require no surgery. If, however, these stones attempt to pass out of the gallbladder and block the gallbladder outlet, severe upper abdominal pain can develop. This is known as colic.

Common symptoms may include:

-Upper abdominal pain, occurring after meals rich in fat nausea and vomiting.
-Pain between the shoulder blades, and beneath the right shoulder chills and fever.

Symptoms usually last for short periods of time and often occurs after fatty meals which stimulate the gallbladder to contract.

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