Aneurysm coiling Treatment in India

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Endovascular coiling of ruptured aneurysms in the brain leads to a better outcome than surgical clipping. Bleeding on the surface of the brain is called a subarachnoid haemorrhage. The bleeding usually comes from the rupture of a weak spot in an artery carrying blood to the brain.

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Endovascular embolization, or coiling, uses the natural access to the brain through the bloodstream via arteries to diagnosis and treat brain aneurysms. The goal of the treatment is to safely seal off the aneurysm and stop further blood from entering into the aneurysm and increasing the risk of rupture or possibly rebleeding.

Endovascular treatment of aneurysms is a relatively new phenonmenon, originating in the 1980’s. Dr. Guido Guglielmi, an Italian doctor, and several other researchers, were the visionaries behind the GDG system, or coiling procedure. With the advent of this remarkable new treatment, some patients who were told they had inoperable aneurysms were now given hope and chance for survival. Other patients, because of advanced age, serious medical problems or other factors, could not undergo open brain surgery, so the GDC system became the alternative to their treatment

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