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PET Scan or Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan is a type of nuclear imaging technique and produces detailed three dimensional images. These images can clearly show the body part being investigated. In this procedure the functioning of organs and tissues are evaluated through the use of small amounts of radioactive materials called radiotracers. PET identifies body changes at cellular level and thus may detect the early onset of diseases.

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PET CT Scan Surgery Cost In India

  • Single -
  • Twin -
  • Three
  • Six
  • Implant
    cost in USD
    (In ranges)
  • Hospital
  • USD Approximate 800

Recommended Doctors For PET CT Scan

Dr Hari Goyal – Medical Oncologist

HOD, DM, MD, MBBS, 23 years of experience

Dr. Atul Prasad – Neurologist

Director, MBBS, DM, 29 years of experience

Dr. S Hukku – Radiation Oncologist

Director, MBBS, MD, Fellowship, Fellowship, Fellowship, 35 years of experience

Dr. Subodh Chandra Pande – Radiation Oncologist

HOD, MBBS, MD, 33 years of experience

Dr. Suparno Chakrabarti – Medical Oncologist

Senior Consultant, MBBS, MD, 23 years of experience

Recommended Hospital For PET CT Scan

PET CT Scan Treatment in India