Kyphoplasty Treatment in India

If you face any of the following issues you may require to undergo Kyphoplasty – vertebral fractures, functional inability such as not being able to stand or walk, severe pain that cannot be controlled through medicine etc.  The affected bone becomes compressed and distorted and causes pain when the vertebra fractures.

Typically Osteoporosis causes these compression fractures, which may involve the collapse of one or more vertebrae in the spine. Osteoporosis is a medical condition where the bone becomes brittle and becomes vulnerable to breaking. The brittleness in Osteoporosis is caused by the loss of normal bone density, mass and strength. Cancer can also weaken the vertebrae.

This surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that stabilizes a fractured or compressed vertebra. It also reduces back pain as well as restores height and spinal alignment. The patient’s functional abilities are restored to the previous level of activity through Kyphoplasty. This procedure also prevents further vertebral collapse.

It is seen that, earlier the procedure is performed the better the chances for spinal alignment. In this surgical procedure balloons are used to gently elevate the fractured vertebrae to create a cavity for bone cement to stabilize the fracture. To elaborate, the balloon creates a void or a cavity that is then filled with a special cement to prevent further collapse and stabilize the fracture and return it to the correct position.

Balloon Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure and takes about an hour (per level) to treat a fracture. The procedure can be done on an outpatient or an inpatient depending on the needs of the patient. Kyphoplasty can be also performed in patients who are suffering from severe pain.

Kyphoplasty Surgery Cost In India

  • Single 7250
  • Twin 6350
  • Three
  • Six
  • Implant
    cost in USD
    (In ranges)
  • Hospital
  • USD Approximate -

Recommended Doctors For Kyphoplasty

Dr. Hitesh Garg – Spine Surgeon

Consultant, MBBS, MS, 11 years of experience

Recommended Hospital For Kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty Treatment in India

Due to the availability of the best of facilities and highly qualifies and skilled surgeons, India has become the most sought after destination for patients with spine surgery requirements. Hospals affiliated hospitals provide the best of surgical expertise and post-operative care for patients suffering from any kind of spinal condition. Some of the reasons why one need to bank on and come to India for this procedure are –

  • Availability of highly skilled doctors required for this surgery such as neurosurgeons, orthopedician, rheumatologists, physicians and also a rehab team. All these doctors are especially skilled and adept in handling complex spinal surgeries.
  • Our affiliate hospitals have highly qualified and skilled spine surgeons. The hospitals have fully staffed spine surgery departments including surgeons who are specially trained in minimally invasive surgery.
  • Cutting edge facilities like Spiral CT scan, MRI, Digital Imaging and Electrophysiology units, diagnostic and all required surgical tools are present in the Hospals affiliated hospitals. Such facilities enables in performing the most complicated operations with great ease.
  • These hospitals also have world class postsurgical rehabilitation facilities. Best of class nursing and physiotherapy care are provided to patients. This facilities enables in speeding up the patient’s recovery and also helps to avoid any postoperative complications.